My Personal Life Pages

The Family

My name is Matthew Todd.
I live in Virginia with my wonderful and loving wife, Tatana.
We both love serving God and enjoy attending our church home, Christ Chapel Assembly of God.  God is so good and His love is shown to us every day.
We are happily married and enjoy going to Family Life Marriage Conferences every year.  These conferences are geared towards strengthening the marriage relationship and helping to develop better communication skills.  I encourage you to attend the conference before marriage, even as a single person.
We had a baby on August 26, 1997.  Her name is Keira Monet Todd.

The Job

I graduated from Morgan State University (Baltimore, Maryland) and here's my resume.  I am a computer specialist at the Federal Aviation Administration in the Office of System Capacity.
My wife graduated from Rochester University (Rochester, New York) and here's her resume.  Right now she has elected to stay home with our new baby (and I am so thankful that she did).  Our baby is going to always have her mom there for her and we will both be able to mold and raise this child without any outside interference.
Our baby doesn't do much right now except eat and go to the bathroom.  But her job is to keep on growing as we continue to pray for her and hug her and cuddle her and kiss her all over :)  cause she is so precious *grin*.

What else?

Check out some of my poems I write from time to time when I am not surfing. I have well over 100 poems and only a few are here.  I now am trying to get a business started where I give consultation on Internet and other computer related things as well as I resell Web Hosting on the Internet.  SO if you need some web space at a low cost and on high powered machines with a lot of options, then please contact me.