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The Pictures

Hi, I am Tatana Todd, and I "finally" got the time to edit my OWN web page.
These pictures were taken in Baltimore, MD by the harbor in the summer of 1995. I had recentley graduated from college and happy to seeing the sites and chillin with Matt. Here I'm posing in this red thing-a-ma-bob.. :)
Here, according to Matt I'm "acting like I'm thinking " and this one here he thinks I'm "trying to look cute at an Italian Restaurant."

Who is Tatana?

I am wife of Matthew and mother of Keira Monet. I graduated from University of Rochester in May of 1995 with a degree in Political Science . I taught at the National Christian Academy last year as the history /government teacher for grades 7-12 and bible teacher for grades 9/10. It was a wonderful experience and I really miss my kids. Initially, I wanted to go to law school but I realize that I love teaching and I plan to work at getting my Masters in Education. My focus obviously would be history :). Even though I love teaching in a classroom setting I am going to stay at home and stay with our baby.This is a big step for us/me financially and emotionally but its wonderful being at home with Keira.

What Tana Does for Me? ( I felt so special, I want to keep this :o) )

Tana never has to do anything for me to continue to love her, just being herself is all that matters to me. To be honest with you, she has provided and does provide for me all that I missed out on in the past relationships. She holds me without me asking to be held. Kisses me without me asking for a kiss. Loves me regardless of how silly I am acting. We discuss everything and we learn from each other constantly. I feel so strongly for her I wanted to put this on Internet for the whole world to see and read. Well I will add more to this as things happen. :)
3/4/96 - We Got Married!!
8/26/97 - Keira Monet was born!

How we met

We met on the Internet (on IRC) on the channel #blaklife. Neither of us had any idea what was going to happen when two strangers appeared as blips of text on the screen. In less than two phone conversations we decided that there was something worth looking into and I invited him to my college graduation. Since then we have had some good and bad times and eventually we married. We both have grown so much in the Lord since we met it is amazing. God is really working in our lives. He has been faithful and just to us throughout our relationship, please pray for us as we continue to submit to God and allow God to lead us in our relationship.

What next?

Well we are married.what else could happen after that? We were engaged in September of '95 and we were married Monday March 4,1996. We just recently took our honeymoon trip which included 4 days and nights in Florida and 3 days in Bahamas with a cruise to and from there. It was nice, EXPENSIVE but nice. We purchased time share with Ramada when we went to Las Vegas. If you want to take a free 3 day - 2 night experience in Las Vegas or any of our other 7 locations where we own, please let us know.

We found out December 26,1996 that we were 5 wks pregnant, we were ecstatic. After a very full 9 months Keira Monet Todd was born August 26,1997, 3 days before her due date. During that time I met 50 of the greatest women in the world. We were called "August Moms" and we talked about our pregnancies our lives our feelings.Through this pregnancy experience we really became a family.2+ months after our babies were born we're still going strong. We are looking to do a mass union, where we'd all meet and see our babies.

Comming Soon: Keira's birth story and possibly an August Moms get together!

Suggestions? Opinions? email Matt!(not me, I may never get to it, LOL!)

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